Friday, April 24, 2009

Clarification time...(I'm a hater)

Clarification Statement to Follow:

"I have no problem with these "Fraternity Prank" torture techniques applied to terrorists." (The Worm- 4/24/09)

Here's the simple truth. These cretins want to kill me. I consider myself more important and...yes...ethical than they are. Therefore, if making them suffer keeps me safe, I'm fine with that philosophy. The scenario would never be reversed on principle because I have no ambition to kill them and take down the Cult of Islam. I'd like to see it end in a voluminous "train wreck," but I wouldn't try and kill Muslims to see it occur. They, on the other hand, have no such obstacles in their thinking.

The thing is, a significant number of Muslims would torture and kill me for no particular reason other than that is what they were conditioned to do via the Koran.

Don't believe me?

which means that 305,000 Muslims living in the United States support suicide bombings.

…which means that AT LEAST 117,500 Muslims in the United States support Al Qaeda’s objectives, which are to destroy western civilization while converting all people to Muslim at the point of a sword, or kill us if we refuse.

…which means that 1,105,000 Muslims living in the United States are more loyal to Islam than to the country.

…which means that 1,410,000 Muslims in the United States think that “the Jews did it” or that 911 was some other conspiracy.

-25% of all younger Muslims in the United States support suicide bombings to defend religious beliefs.
Yeah...I support water boarding, sleep deprivation, crawly insects...and lots of things that my fraternity never thought of using during "Hell Week." I support them strongly...