Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dominos that teeter...

After nearly two decades of independence, Moldova’s citizens are still at odds over the basic question of who they are. That division boiled over last week, when a huge anti-Communist demonstration turned violent. Its participants, in their teens and 20s, say they are desperate to escape a Soviet time warp and enter Europe. But many of their elders feel more affinity with Russia, and see the protests as a plot by their western neighbor Romania to snatch away Moldova’s sovereignty.
This will, likely, be a growing issue throughout the entire "Eastern Bloc" that will be exploited by Dimitry Medvedev and the puppetmaster, Putin. Right now, 76% of that country defines itself as Moldovan. Watch that number go down over the next few years. Then consider how Reagan would address the matter.

President Obama, on the other hand will ignore it completely...and the repercussions will fester, grow, and magnify.

Any takers on that scenario? Keep in mind that when Russia invaded Georgia, Obama refused to take a side even though Georgia was considered a hard and fast ally. He only came out with a statement in their "partial" support after McCain called him on it and it reflected negatively in the General Election polls.