Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Even Dr. Seuss would want to make a buck...

Call it the economics of hope, the very opposite of the sub-slime greedsters who pocket millions and leave only toxic debt.

In the economics of hope, people take little for themselves and generate actual value for others.

In the economics of hope, every dollar invested by the government generates between $1.50 and $3.90 in direct, measurable benefits.

In the economics of hope, the taxpayer comes out more than $150 billion ahead in a year.

That is without counting all the pluses that are difficult to measure with money, including the deep satisfaction that comes with giving.

To be part of it, to counter the subprime with the sublime, you need only volunteer for public service.

And there will be 175,000 new opportunities to do so thanks to the public service bill President Obama is to sign today.
I really don't think these people understand what they are advocating. It is like they are living in some children's book where all the gardens spout forth lollipops and Skittles®. They choose to ignore what acts initiated banks to secure revenue based on toxic debt. They avoid any thought on how those banks did so based on tax incentives set up by the very person this "volunteer nonsense" is being named after.

My question stands.... "Who ties this journalist's shoes in the morning?"