Thursday, April 23, 2009

Four months ahead of the curve...

President Obama's unilateral thawing of relations with Cuba including an easing of travel and monetary restrictions is a grave mistake that could result in another missed opportunity to bring enemies of America to justice and send a message to the world that this country never relents in its pursuit of terrorists.

As a precondition for any discussions with Cuba, Obama must demand the extradition to America of fugitives receiving safe haven in Cuba, including Armed Forces for National Liberation bombmaker William Morales, Wells Fargo armored-car robber Victor Manuel Gerena and the killer of a New Jersey state trooper, Joanne Chesimard. These violent fugitives have all been provided safe haven in Cuba since the 1980s.
Yeah...the New York Post has a point...which was made here by "The Worm" three days before President Obama stepped inside the White House. The writing was already on the wall back then. The current Administration was going to bend over and spread'em for as many enemies of the State as humanly and inhumanly possible. That included Cuba.