Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nature finds a way...

Each of these was featured last year in a snapshot of murder in New York City, where authorities have long been battling illegal firearms — and seeing a degree of success. But these people were killed by knives, contributing to a troubling statistic in homicides.

In 2008, even as gun killings fell, the number of killings committed with knives or other “cutting instruments” rose 50 percent in New York City, the Police Department said: to 125 from 83. Some other large cities saw no such increase last year, and police officials and experts are at a loss to explain what is either a new trend or a spike.
"Experts" refuse to see the reason, because these same "experts" believe guns to be sapient, animate objects that indiscriminately kill. They refuse to acknowledge that a gun cannot commit murder. The person pulling the trigger does that.

Similarly, the person holding the knife does the stabbing. The person wielding the lead pipe in the library does the bashing. The person gripping the knitting needles standing behind the old woman in the rocking chair....uh...ummm...forget that last one. I just saw a movie on cable where...well...the dear old woman looked like she had antenna after the deed. I think it was one of those old Agatha Christie stories...

You get the drift.