Monday, April 27, 2009

Ask the NY Times...

Sewell Chan and the staff of City Room, the New York City news blog, are answering questions from readers this week. Questions may be e-mailed to

Mr. Chan is the bureau chief of the blog, which began publication in June 2007 and is a forum for breaking news updates, feature articles and reader conversations. Among the many topics that the blog has covered are the emergency landing of Flight 1549 in the Hudson River; the recent M.T.A. fare increase and service cuts; popular baby names; bicycle racks; the history of Jewish delis; the city's dog-scooping law, among many other topics. City Room was also part of The Times's coverage of the scandal that prompted Eliot Spitzer to resign as governor of New York, for which the newspaper was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for breaking news last week.
Dear Mr. Chan:

Next year when the New York Times finally craps out and Pinch decides to unload the cement block to the highest bidder (which will likely be a weekly offering)...what do you hope to do in your second career?

The Worm