Thursday, April 16, 2009

$35 Million = Several dozen jobs...*har*

NEW BEDFORD - Millions of dollars in federal stimulus money will be invested in a massive cleanup of polluted New Bedford Harbor, home of one of New England's oldest and largest Superfund sites, federal officials announced yesterday.

US Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa P. Jackson came to the Whaling City to unveil the award of at least $25 million, and perhaps as much as $35 million - the single largest portion of the $600 million in stimulus money designated for Superfund cleanups nationwide. Four other New England properties, in Mans field, Lowell, Kingston, N.H., and Strafford, Vt., also received millions in funding.

Let's think about this for a moment. The single largest application of Massachusetts stimulus funds is being applied to the clean-up of a harbour that is one of the oldest Superfund sites in the country. In short, it is a more resilient "Big Dig." Of the $600 Million given to the state...$35 Million is going into a big dark sucking money well. least it will create a whole mess of new jobs...right?

Mayor Scott Lang of New Bedford said the money would extend work for locals and probably create "several dozen jobs." But more important, he said, the cleanup will allow "tremendous economic opportunities" for the revitalization of the New Bedford waterfront. It will "take away the stigma" of the filthy water, he said, and with that rejuvenation will come even more jobs.
Several DOZEN jobs (shaking my head with a smirk). I love the optimism, too. This project will never be completed. The fact that it is one of the oldest Superfund sites around ought to tell you that. There will NEVER be a rejuvenation of business in the area simply because the Massachusetts legislature taxes the life out of every community.

This causes a mass exodus to New Hampshire...causing that state to turn Democrat...and the decay begins anew.

There's nothing stimulating here...just the same old waste and political favor system in action...