Friday, April 24, 2009

Got your back, Mr. Geraghty...

From Jim Geraghty at the NRO Campaign Spot (via Instapundit)
My congressman, Jim Moran of Virginia, has introduced "the Plastic Bag Reduction Act of 2009 which would place a 5 cent fee on grocery bags, dry cleaning bags, take-out food bags, retail bags and service station bags, starting January 1. Under the proposal, that fee would escalate to 25 cents starting January 1, 2015."

No plastic bags for takeout? He deserves to be pelted with last week's Chinese.
Well, worry not, Jimbo. We here at "the Worm" are all over this nonsense. Back in December 2008, Toronto was playing around with the idea of calling plastic a dirty word as a precursor to a tax. I've got a plan should the festering scab of an idea invade my state...

I will refuse to give the Environmental Fundamentalists the satisfaction should this baloney ever reach my neck of the woods. Toronto is just the latest to levy a bag tax (and that’s what it is). Ireland charges the equivalent of 15 cents per bag and gives the money to environmental boondoggle projects. England charges 10 pence per plastic bag.

In the United States, Seattle charges 20 cents for a plastic bag at grocery, drug and convenience stores. Not to be outdone, San Francisco banned plastic bags altogether. As of January 22, there was a push to tax plastic bags across the entire state of California.

FINE…knock yourself out…

Me? I’ll be purchasing 1,000 volume crates of standard plastic grocery bags (MB-T-24TK) at a whopping cost of 3 cents per unit over the internet (unless I decide to get real nasty and form a coalition to purchase them bulk at a lesser cost). Yeah, I'll be paying 3 cents a bag…but the money goes into a private corporation and not in the pocket of some benevolent do-gooder bullsh*t artist.
I'm the kind of guy who would hand them out free to other shoppers just to piss off the whackjobs supporting this vapidity.