Thursday, April 16, 2009

Terrorists are Combatants...not criminals.

WASHINGTON—A federal judge said he would approve a 25-year sentence agreed to as part of a plea deal with Wesam al-Delaema, who videotaped himself and others showing off roadside bombs they said they would use to kill Americans.

But District Judge Paul Friedman acknowledged the actual time the defendant will receive in a Dutch court is beyond U.S. control. On Wednesday, he encouraged the Netherlands to impose the 25-year sentence on the Iraq war insurgent.
Here we go with the "treating terrorists as law breakers" nonsense.

The Netherlands allowed the extradition of this creep to the US on the condition that he be tried in the Courts, and not a Military Tribunal. Well, he was...and he saw the "life in prison" light blinking, so he cut a deal that awarded a 25 year sentence.

Ok...I can live with that.

But, that isn't likely to happen. Instead, the Dutch Courts will take the plea deal under advisement, and then capitulate to the screaming masses of Muslim immigrants who will throw out a few threats, shut down traffic in the major cities...and force the spineless officials in the Netherlands to commute the suggested sentence to something pervertedly short.

Al-Delaema's attorney, Robert Tucker, told Friedman that his client only agreed to the plea deal because they are confident he'll serve less than 25 years in the Netherlands. Tucker said the United States has the most punitive sentencing laws in the world.
There are a voluminous collection of actual videos of this guy taken in Fallujah showing bombs buried in the sand and his scum sucking buddies and he yukking it up over the US soldiers they would kill.

On a side's another bit for "America's Most Stupid Criminals"...