Friday, April 24, 2009

This isn't going to end well...

There is nothing typical about Jorge Pabon. He may be a hip-hop D.J. and dancer from the mean streets of Spanish Harlem, but he keeps the lyrics clean and women dancers at arm's length.

As a teenager he emerged on the scene as PopMaster Fabel. But today he prefers to be called Shukriy, "the thankful one" — the name he took 20 years ago when he converted to Islam.

Now he is part of an "Islam and Hip-Hop" movement in the United States that is reaching out to Muslim young people via the hip-hop beat.

At a recent "Islam and Hip-Hop" concert in Harlem, young men in wide trousers and women in head scarves made waves in the air, trying to simulate Shukriy's robotic movements. They did not touch each other unless they were a married couple.

Shukriy, 43, has come under fire from conservative Muslims who accuse him of sinning by dancing on stage with women or acting as D.J. for a mixed audience. Some argue that even listening to music is a taboo in Islam.
The Hip Hop side seems to be the reasonable one...Bizarro World.