Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brain "Steroids"...

CHICAGO — Children on medicine for attention deficit disorder scored higher on academic tests than their unmedicated peers in the first large, long-term study suggesting this kind of benefit from the widely used drugs.

The nationally representative study involved nearly 600 children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder followed from kindergarten through fifth grade.

Children's scores on several standardized math and reading tests taken during those years were examined. Compared with unmedicated kids, average scores for medicated children were almost three points higher in math and more than five points higher in reading. The difference amounts to about three months ahead in reading and two months in math, the researchers said.
How long until a Congressional Committee has ten year olds providing testimony on how they never would have gotten the "two trains" question right had they not been juiced?

Ah...but wait...

The researchers agreed that other treatment ADHD children often receive — including behavior therapy and tutoring — can help, but the study didn't look at those measures.
Perhaps the "Federal Grant" study is totally worthless (as most are).