Friday, April 17, 2009

Just a harmless kill the infidel...

A Toronto man has been charged with attempting to ship devices to Iran to that can be used to make enriched uranium for nuclear weapons.

The suspect was identified as Mahmoud Yadegari, 38, of Toronto, a Canadian citizen who came to Canada from Iran in 1998, according to the RCMP.

Yedegari was arrested at his north Toronto home on Thursday without incident and was being held for a bail hearing at Old City Hall courthouse in Toronto.

He is charged with attempting to procure and export 10 items known as pressure transducers under the Customs Act and Export Import Permits Act and under the United Nations Act, Iran Regulations, RCMP Inspector Greg Johnson said, adding that more charges are pending.
It must be some mistake. Why would a nice Irish lad require a pressure transducer (or ten of them)?

More does an Iranian born Canadian acquire such an item in the United States? They are under strict export requirements. But, apparently, you only have to show where they are going, and what they would be used for.

He was transporting ten of these things from Boston to Toronto...with the hopes of passing them onto Dubai...then ultimately, Iran. This occurs as Obama is considering dropping preconditions prior to talks with this terrorist nation.