Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grand Central goes dimmer...

On Tuesday, those wiremen — their official title — unscrewed the last remaining incandescent bulbs in the building, replacing them with compact fluorescent bulbs and completing the greening of the lighting system at the bustling station.

While the wiremen worked, photographers snapped pictures, and officials applauded the efforts, reminiscing about the days when both station and light bulb were young.

The bulbs were on one of the 10 huge Beaux-Arts chandeliers in the main lobby. Adorned with gold detail and banded with 110 bulbs, the 96-year-old globe-shaped chandeliers hang above the main concourse balconies like luminescent Fabergé eggs.

Fluorescent bulbs last longer and use less energy, saving money and helping advance the city’s environmental goals.
They also contain mercury and are a health hazard. Additionally, they provide a lesser quality of light. But, I only posted this story so that I can use my favorite Kennedy family joke. Ready?

Question: How many Kennedys does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer: Two. One to hold the bulb, and one to drink enough to make the room spin.