Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A wall goes up in Camden (Australia)

AN Islamic school in Camden would be "a breeding ground for terrorists", says a resident who gave evidence in support of Camden Council at an appeal against its decision to block the school.

Judith Bond said the school would teach war and how to kill.

"Values of violence will be emphasised. It will be a breeding ground for terrorists … There will be a surge of gang rapes, looting and attacking infidels," Ms Bond said.

Camden residents presented evidence via DVD at the second day of a hearing to decide whether the $19 million Islamic school should be built on the outskirts of the town south-west of Sydney.
Camdem residents don't seem to be in the "diversity" frame of mind. I admire their conviction, because there will be a concerted outcry labeling them as racist xenophobes. My personal opinion on Islam is that it is based on a fairytale involving a "prophet" who by today's standards would be labeled a pedophile. The religion, on fundamental basis alone, disallows confirmity and peaceful coexistence. Remarkably, the people of Camden (just outside of Sydney, Australia) seem to realize what "perks" come with appeasement. They aren't interested. And, whether or not you think that "teach war and how to kill" is over the top, I think it is immaterial. The religion, itself, teaches racisim, opression of women, and classification based on belief (infidels...blah blah blah). It's a cult.

But on the opening day of the appeal to the Land and Environment Court on Tuesday, council's barrister, Craig Leggat, SC, opened his evidence with a letter signed by a group of the region's Christian leaders, who said Islam was an ideology with a plan for world domination.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this one plays out.