Sunday, June 14, 2009

Idiocy in exchange for insecurity...

Studying in the US: Science Students Are Promised No More Visa Delays
State Department sets a goal of two weeks' processing time for security clearances.

American officials say they are working to reduce visa delays that have affected foreign science students, researchers and others. The delays involve a security clearance process called Visas Mantis. Through this program, different government agencies try to identify visa applicants who could threaten national security.

The aim is to protect American military technology or technology with possible military uses to other countries or to terrorists. A two thousand five report said that seventy percent of Mantis requests came from China, Russia and Ukraine.
Oh...that sounds like a great idea. Two weeks turn-around on visa requests from Russia and China...Well, let's hope they are selective in whom is allowed within our borders.

U.S. Visas for Most Russians

U.S. Ambassador John Beyrle said Wednesday that only 5 percent of visa applications filed by Russians were being declined.

Beyrle also told Ren-TV television that he did not expect the visa regime between the United States and Russia to be lifted any time soon. (MT)
That's what I thought. Two week turn-around on visa request from an unknown quantity of "students" at a 95% approval. Who is dumb enough to promote this insecurity?

There have been delays before. Officials said the average processing time in October of two thousand three was seventy-five days. The wait was cut to fifteen days under pressure from Congress. But the wait time has increased again over the past year.
Why, the Democrat infested Congress, of course.

Add it to the list, folks. Congress is not only pushing for "Amnesty" for illegal aliens, they are pushing to saturate our country with an insecure influx of alleged students from countries that have very little interest in the prosperity of the USA. But, when some "manmade crisis" disappears a city within our country, you better believe I'm going to play the blame game. My finger will freakin' point right down to DC and the half-wit, mouth breathers who support this nonsense.