Friday, June 5, 2009

I am Spartacus!!!....ummmm....and Batman, too!!!

But conservatives are literally the more easily disgusted of the two when it comes to such squeamish things as maggots, questionable toilet seats and the prospect of eating monkey meat. Such sensitivity, it seems, plays a role in their ideology and moral values.
At simple test...

Put one of those elitist Liberal Manhattanites wearing those goofy and trendy rectangular ice cube spectacles next to anyone from flyover country in a room where the floor is covered with earthworms. Guess which person hyperventilates first...

Take any hunter (likely a conservative and probably an NRA member) and match them up with any Liberal who thinks bean paste is gourmet and ask them to gut a Moose...Guess who goes running for the exit.

This "study" is just another example of wishful thinking. If falls along the same lines of how the Democrats continuously receive a "diversity" label while continuously propogating the opposite. They make shit up like this, and FEEL better about themselves in a superior sort of way. It's really very sad and pathetic.