Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Define "American"

LAREDO, Tex. — When he was finally caught, Rosalio Reta told detectives here that he had felt a thrill each time he killed. It was like being Superman or James Bond, he said.

“I like what I do,” he told the police in a videotaped confession. “I don’t deny it.”

Mr. Reta was 13 when he was recruited by the Zetas, the infamous assassins of the Gulf Cartel, law enforcement officials say. He was one of a group of American teenagers from the impoverished streets of Laredo who was lured into the drug wars across the Rio Grande in Mexico with promises of high pay, fancy cars and sexy women.

After a short apprenticeship, the young men lived in an expensive house in Texas, available to kill whenever called on. The Gulf Cartel was engaged in a turf war with the Sinaloa Cartel over the Interstate 35 corridor, the north-south highway that connects Laredo to Dallas and beyond, and is, according to law enforcement officials, one of the most important arteries for drug smuggling in the Americas.
I noticed in this three page piece that none of the "American" assassins were named Joe Smith, or Billy Mumphry. They all have Latino names. This article seems to uphold the truth that immigration at our southern border is very damaging. I, also, noticed that no effort was made by the journalist to inform us of the history of these "Americans." For all we know, they came to the US as illegal aliens a short time ago.

Family members say Mr. Reta grew up with nine brothers and sisters, living in a tiny wood house, propped up on cinder blocks, in a yard devoid of grass. His father worked construction; his mother was a hairdresser. Before the age of 12, he was a well-mannered boy, respectful of his elders, who did tolerably well in school and spent most afternoons playing ball in a nearby park.
Nine brothers and sisters with very minimal income. Family members who knew what he was doing, but made no effort to report him...

Yeah...these are great "Americans." Put up the freakn' fence!!!!