Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bait and Switch techniques by the media on AGW

Does anyone else find it amusing that USA Today puts the following headline/graphic display out front and center:

Here's the by-line they used.

Questions about research slow climate change efforts
Then...the entire voluminous article is a puff piece to give Michael Mann (discredited Hockey Stick theory dreamer) and life long political hack/mouthpiece/environmental zealot, Carol Browner an opportunity to zing the skeptics while conveniently limiting the absolute turmoil and negative exposure they have experienced due to truth seeing the light of day.

Classic bait and switch. Patently obvious, though.

UPDATE: Take a gander at the comments to the article. The media truly underestimates the motivation and intelligence of their dwindling readers. Its gimmic articles such as this that make those numbers continue to dwindle.