Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Hampshire leading the way into the Abyss...

The tax was added late in the state budget process last summer, and as rules were being developed to administer it complaints from business began to grow. A lawsuit is still in court that challenges the state's attempt to collect the tax for all of 2009, even though the bill did not take effect until the middle of last year.

Lynch said he does not think the state "I don't see New Hampshire as becoming a place unfriendly to business that's not what I hear," he said. "In fact, many people tell me it is the best place in New England to do business."
The tax in question is the Limited Liability Company (LLC). Governor Lynch now wants to consider repealing it, as the purpose (closing a tax loophole) is null and void...since tax experts are already showing that there are other ways around it.

I just find it amusing that Lynch states outright that he doesn't think that New Hamphsire is becoming a place unfriendly to business...


CONCORD – New Hampshire's Senate has given preliminary approval to entering a 10-state regional effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions to preserve the state's climate and way of life.

The Senate voted 16-8 yesterday to ask its Finance Committee to review a bill that implements the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative known as RGGI.

Gov. John Lynch believes the initiative will help New Hampshire's environment and economy.
This is a state initiative to institute "Cap and Trade" legislation. View it at any angle and it kicks business in the teeth.

Environmental Services Commissioner Thomas Burack says New Hampshire's electric users will pay higher rates regardless of New Hampshire participating in RGGI. That's because New Hampshire buys about half its power from a wholesale market whose rates will rise as other states' power producers buy RGGI allowances and pass on the costs to ratepayers.
It's high time those wacky scientists in Korea create a genetic path so that we can create two separate mouths on politicians. That way, we can keep the rhetoric categorized.