Friday, March 5, 2010

A Greek and a German go into a bar...

Germany, Europe's biggest economy, is widely seen as the most likely candidate to help prevent what would be a disastrous Greek default but there is strong opposition in the country against such a move.

Greek politicians have bristled over insulting headlines in the German press and editorials denouncing the corruption there, although Papandreou himself has acknowledged the problem.
Yeah...corruption. Um...I suppose that's a euphemism for "Socialism." Greece is a socialist country. In fact, while they teeter on the default cliff they are STILL raising taxes in an effort to stave the flow. We are talking about a country that has a public sector holiday allowance where the government can freeze private sector pensions.

Socialism = Corruption.

I just find it amusing that Greece, the most Socialistic of the European Union is in dire straights...and now requires Germany (the most Capitalistic of the European Union) to bail them out. Greece's plan in that regard? Cutting taxes? Limiting spending? Boltering private business?

Nah...Greece wants Germany and the rest of the EU to leverage their own economic ratings to secure better credit for Greece in world markets. In other words, they want to go further in debt, and drag the more solvent members of the EU down with them.

Ahhhhh...Socialism. It's what's for dinner.