Monday, March 1, 2010

Matt Damon must be munching lead paint chips...

Hi...I'm Matt Damon. I stand on an "X", face the lense, and regurgitate words that someone wrote for me. That, of course, qualifies me as a world class thinker. You should listen to me and take heed because I'm cerebral. I'm Matt Damon.

"Politics is compromise," says the actor, who campaigned hard for Barack Obama. But Damon feels his candidate has compromised too much. "I'm disappointed in the health care plan and in the troop buildup in Afghanistan. Everyone feels a little let down because, on some level, people expected all their problems to go away. But real change comes from everyday people. You can't wait for a leader."
That's right!!!! "EVERYONE" feels a little let down.

Let's take a look at the intelligence behind Matt's percipience. For example, the subject matter of his latest flick du jour marginalizes half of a potential fanbase by bashing the previous presidential administration. That's a 50% write-off of potential movie goers. He proceeds to suggest that "EVERYONE" is a bit let down by the current president's inability to legislate us back into the Stone Age. Well, you have to believe that he lost another 10% to 20% of demographic audience since 75% of Americans think the current healthcare bills (House and Senate) should be dropped.

So, before the film "Green Zone" has even opened, intellectual giant, Matt Damon, has alienated close to 70% or more of the potential viewers. These numbers don't even take into account all the other idiocy that seems to flow incessantly from his pie hole.


(h/t Breitbart's Big Hollywood)