Sunday, March 21, 2010

Celebutards are shallow and daft...

I sort of like Simon Pegg. You know..."Shaun of the Dead"...and Scotty in the new Star Trek film. Of course, he's not a MENSA candidate...and he seems to be rather oblivious to reality. Take this Tweet, for example:

Fingers crossed for healthcare reform in the US. Seems strange there's even a debate having grown up with the NHS. Free vs expensive ... hmm
Yeah...that sums up the argument.

Well, Simon...NHS, huh? It's truly...what...fantastic?

The NHS fails again, and again it seems nobody is to blame

NHS 'fails to involve patients'

System that puts targets before patients fails NHS

Man Dies After the NHS Fails to Diagnose a Stroke Three Times

NHS fails the elderly

Labour hid ugly truth about National Health Service (NHS)

Billions squandered as the NHS fails to deliver

NHS 'fails' youngsters with muscle diseases

NHS dentistry fails Preston youngsters

NHS fails to act on dementia: NAO

Here's my favorite, Simon:

A PATIENT was left infertile after doctors operating on his testicle removed the wrong one.
Another Celebutard weighs in on the argument, and offsets a feather. Staggering intellect...indeed.