Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sexual Orientation Hyposcrisy...

“Sadly, a court that was with us a year ago was unable to be with us on Tuesday. I am heartened by Justice Moreno’s dissenting opinion and his eloquent words that ‘even a narrow, limited exception to the promise of full equality strikes at the core of…the guarantee of equal treatment.’”
These are the words of John A. Pérez, newly installed speaker of the California Assembly.

Equal treatment, of course, suggests that one's sexual orientation should not be of issue when being sworn in as Speaker...yes?

Reporting from Sacramento - There were rubber ducks on legislators' desks and a chorus belting out a Broadway show tune as John A. Pérez was sworn in as the new speaker of the California Assembly on Monday.
I'll say it again...the homosexual community, and its leaders incessantly barrage the media with statement after statement pleading to be treated just as everyone else. Then, in the next breath, they are organizing "gay pride" parades, and lobbying for special civil rights based only on sexual orientation.

In this case, the swearing in of a Speaker should be only that...the swearing in of a Speaker. Why does it matter what his sexual orientation might be? And, why this?

Those at Monday's swearing-in were treated to, among other songs, "A Brand New Day," a tune from the Broadway show "The Wiz," by the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles. Each guest also received a yellow rubber duck emblazoned with the Assembly seal and the words "Speaker John A. Pérez."