Friday, February 5, 2010

"As they say in the glacier business, ice work if you can get it."

Mark Steyn's latest in MaCleans. It's a pisser...

Go back to that Berkeley professor mooning over the loss of that “magnificent landform” he once thought “immutable, eternal.” From his prose style, one might easily assume Orville Schell was a professor of creative writing or some such. In fact, he’s the former dean of the Graduate School of Journalism. Yet, for all the limpid fragrance of his poignant obsequies, professor Schell would seem to lack the one indispensable quality of a journalist: basic curiosity—the same curiosity that led Miss Laframboise to see just how much of the “science” in the IPCC report rested on the assertions of the panda-cuddlers. So instead, professor Schell bid a teary farewell to his beloved landform, even though the glaciers of the western Himalayas are, in fact, increasing.
Each day seems to reveal a new revelation suggesting that man-induced "climate change" is an absolute fairy tale. And, as each small glimpse of reality sprouts to the surface the big picture takes form. Each cry by the supporters of "the science is settled" shows a perceived desparation to protect that "settled science." In other words, scrutiny and time has been plucking pieces of the weigh bearing wall holding up their theories and the realization, awareness and knowledge threatened their stranglehold on what they hoped to pass out as truth and fact. Desparation and frustration had been ramped up in an effort to stave actual science from intervening.