Monday, February 15, 2010

"Ask again, later" (McCain v. Hayworth)

Stumping last week at a GOP club located at a retirement community south of Phoenix, Hayworth focused much of his speech on immigration, telling a packed room that "border security is national security, border security is economic security."

It's not clear how much support Hayworth will have from Tea Party activists, the conservatives who rail against government spending. McCain has the support of Sarah Palin, his 2008 running mate and the recent keynote speaker at a national Tea Party convention. She will campaign for him next month. Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, a Republican cheered by conservatives for winning his state's special election last month, also backs McCain.

"They are a significant political force," McCain said of the activists. "How that force gets channeled ... is not yet clear to me."
I think it will become abundantly clear to McCain when momentum enters the polling process for Hayworth. However, that won't start up until the media out there begins to use the potential embarrassment of McCain to distract from the even worse embarrassments of the Democrat general.