Monday, February 22, 2010

Over six years ago this made a dent in my noggin...

I thought I would dust off one of my favorite Mark Steyn quotes that seems rather relevant today. He first leveled it in a National Post piece back in November of 2002. For some reason, the National Post didn't hold onto it for posterity and you'll stumble on their "Sorry, this article is no longer available" page. However, here's the quote. It made an impression such that I remember it to this day:

"Democrats have perfected the art of being simultaneously maudlin and vicious, and above all else ruthlessly partisan in their pious denunciations of partisanship."
--- MARK STEYN November 3, 2002

The reference was commentary by rather partisan politicians at Paul Wellstone's memorial service. You can absorb the whole thing, these days, in the Freerepublic archives. But, that quote is the one that left a mark...and applies in full to the Democrats of today.