Saturday, February 20, 2010

Watching Liberals kick themselves in the teeth is more fun than watching curling...

Last month, Brooklyn federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis ruled that the city had purposely discriminated against hiring blacks when it continued to use a test that was deemed biased against minorities.
Again, I invoke the "we just want to be treated like everyone else" mantra.

So...pass the damn test. I can only imagine the idiocy applied to indicate that the written firefighter test was...ahem...bias. It's a common victim mentality that always finds the excuse explaining failure.

A group of women sued the department in 1979 after failing the physical, claiming it was discriminatory.
You know...because...they unfairly made the women lift heavy know...never happens at a fire, car accident or inner city mishap.

The women who sued were allowed to take a different test. As a result, 41 females entered the department in 1982.
Okayyyyyy...instead of lifting the long hose...lift that smaller one. We only need the long hose sporadically. What's a couple lives here and biggie.

In 1983, the city devised still another test for women testing speed instead of strength.
Short hose too heavy? Okayyyyyy...see how fast you can sprint down the street to that Duane Reed and get us some bandages and sauve...we're going to need them.

The next year, the judge ordered the test changed again to be less physical and increased the weight of the written exam.
What? You might get winded running down the street? Jeez...Okayyyy...ummm...well, just stand over there and try not to get in the way.

"It's a physical job. It requires physical strength," said Deputy Chief Paul Mannix, who said he wasn't speaking for the department. "People ask why there aren't more women in the Fire Department. Why aren't there more women in the NFL or Major League Baseball?"

But, I do enjoy how the Liberal inner city enclaves keep kicking themselves in the teeth while feeling really special about their diversity. So a couple buildings burn, people big deal. Liberals FEEL better about themselves...until they have a fire, of course.