Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bad magic...

Senate Democrats are preparing to release a roughly $80 billion jobs program this week, but its prospects are uncertain in a political landscape where voters are angry about unemployment yet fuming about federal spending.
I am reminded of a magician I saw in a comedy club outside of St. Louis about ten years ago. The magician, obviously drunk, wobbled around the stage nearly falling out into the audience a number of times and always fortifying his balance with another belt from the highball glass sitting on a stool.

Eventually, he holds up a sheet, covers the stool and glass with the linen and looks expectantly to the crowd. After a rather shakey count of three he whips up the sheet to reveal...that...nothing had changed. The half empty glass remained centered on the stool.

The drunk magician...not disturbed in the least points out over the audience to the bar in the back of the room and shouts..."Get me another Crown Royal."


Yeah...I know, it wasn't funny. As comedic magicians go...this one sucked. But, it does parallel well with the Democrat's big reveal on a jobs bill. Nothing changes...and eventually they will ask for more...