Friday, February 5, 2010

It's a test...

THE TOPIA INN, a laboratory of sustainability with an artsy vibe here in the Berkshires, confirmed my reservation with a friendly e-mail reminder about its “green” guest policy:

No Smoking.

No chemical fragrances/bug repellant.

Leave your shoes at the front door or cover them with the inn’s neoprene booties, so as not to track in pesticide residue and other pollutants.

Leave all grooming products at home, so as not to interfere with the chemical-free organic mattresses and bedding. Complimentary organic bath and body products provided.
Oooooo...nice! Take that special woman in your life away for the weekend up into the Berkshires...and make sure she leaves all her grooming products at home so she doesn't interfere with the organic matresses and bedding.

If you can still look her in the eye at the end of the weekend...she's a keeper.

Bonus: When you get home...crank the climate control...take a shower and douse yourself with chemicals...order a huge non-fair trade pizza and feel good about your 48 hour tribute to Mother Earth...while sipping a nice glass of Shiraz made from grapes harvested by underage Australian Aborigines in wheelchairs.