Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Jim Treacher" attacks State Department SUV...

Treacher, who rolled out a tag-along blog (Daily Trawler) to Tucker Carlson's and Neil Patel's Daily Caller online media outlet, started a fight with a black SUV.

It was unclear as to the whether Treacher was upset that the SUV was a product of "Government Motors" (GM), black in color...priced above his pay grade. Therefore, it's hard for me to speculate whether Treacher was acting out as a domestic right-wing terrorist, a racist, or trying out a little class envy. I said it was hard for me to speculate...but I will.

All three!!! Hat!!!!

Nah...check out the ongoing story here...and learn how the security folks at the State Department operate when it comes to manning up and taking responsibility for their actions. I don't think we'll be handing out any "good samaritan" awards...but a Nobel Peace Prize has been mentioned.