Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sticks and Stones may break my bones, and names will get you three years at Saint Marguerite Prison

PARIS — France’s National Assembly approved Thursday night a proposal to add “psychological violence” to a law intended to help victims of physical violence and abuse, despite doubts that the law is specific enough to have much impact.

Carefully covering both genders, the proposed law stipulates that letting a wife, husband, partner or concubine “act or repeatedly say things that could damage the victim’s life conditions, affect his/her rights and his/her dignity or damage his/her physical or mental health is subject to a three-year jail term and a 75,000 euro fine,” about $102,750.

Danielle Bousquet, a Socialist, and Guy Geoffroy, a member of the ruling center-right Union for a Popular Movement, wrote the draft law, supported by 30 other legislators. It received backing last November from the government and Prime Minister François Fillon, who called it “very significant progress.”

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Come and get me facists. I just broke your precious little "sticks and stones" law. Gosh, the French are filled with such pseudo-eruditical nonsense that is self-proclaimed as civility. It makes my teeth hurt.