Friday, November 7, 2008

Can I buy you a drink, or should I just give you the money?


Jonah Goldberg (Over at the Corner) slapped up a quote of the Apollo Alliance found in this PIECE from the Wall Street Journal.

The Apollo Alliance, a San Francisco coalition of environmental and labor groups, also released a study in September. It concluded that five million green jobs could be had with an investment of $500 billion — more than three times Mr. Obama's number.
Kate Gordon, co-director of the Apollo Alliance, says the numbers are less important than the message. "Honestly," she says, "it's just to inspire people."

FANTASTIC!!!! $500,000,000,000 CAN PRODUCE 5,000,000 JOBS!!!!!

Tell ya what...give me my $100,000 so that I can start injecting it into the economy and I'll start recycling (pssst...even though recycling produces a larger carbon footprint than new production).

BONUS: Apollo Alliance = A pollo Alliance = Too chicken Alliance (Score one for the Babel Fish Translator Device)