Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gosh...I wonder what the Democrat Talking points are?

The Great Depression, Not So Far Away---Washington Post

Depression 2009: What would it look like?---Boston Globe

Depression recollections---Chicago Tribune

Bonds priced for Great Depression defaults -Citi ---Reuters

Depression Economics Returns---New York Times

_____________'d think we were in a "D"epression or something. Except, we're not. Of course, come January 20th, any reference to a "Great Depression" will disappear into thin air as "The One" works his wonderful magic.

Here's the prediction:

The citizens of this great country are going to get fleeced with lots and lots of specialized taxes on everything from snack foods to beverages to travel. More taxes are going to be proposed on vehicles reflective of make, use and mileage. They won't be called taxes, however. It will be some nice harmless euphemism for "taxes." These "Fees" will be in addition to increased income taxes not in line with the campaign promises, but dipping deep into the pockets of the middle class with the attached excuse that we are in a crisis.

This is a blatant effort by the media to shape perceptions so as to provide cover for the "sure to come" open palm of the Federal Government. It's a Win/Win situation for "The One." The media has already run cover for the entire DNC (Barney Frank and Chris Dodd in particular) on the failures of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. So, any reference to a "Depression" gets tacked onto the ever innovative and exponentially growing list of "Bush Failures." Any improvement (not in reality, but in print) after January 20th gets put in "The One's" book of accomplishments.

Finally, "The One" will eventually use the press to take credit for the dipping petroleum prices, a wonderfully opportunistic housing market for those looking to buy, take credit for the stonger dollar, and suggest that he was instrumental in making today's stocks so affordable (buy low/ sell high).

Of course, that latter one is primarily the responsibility of the Democrats since they were the ones who supported sub prime loans and continued to do so even with the obvious repercussions looming in the immediate future. So, I have no problem with "The One" taking credit for the lower stock price opportunities. Nice Job, Pal!!!