Saturday, November 29, 2008

Defending their so-called religion...again.

In a statement posted Thursday on the Islamist rebel web site, a group called the Kataib al-Khoul, also known as the Ossetian Jamaat, said one of its senior leaders shot and killed Karayev as he stepped into his silver Mercedes at about 9 a.m. Wednesday. The statement said Karayev was killed because he ordered a crackdown in Vladikavkaz on women wearing traditional Muslim garb in the wake of the Nov. 6 attack by a female suicide bomber in the city that left 12 people dead.
With all the activity and Islamic butchery in Bombay, this Islamic assassination of the mayor of the North Ossetian capital, Vladikavkaz, didn't get much play. North Ossetia is a republic that is mostly Christian found in the North Caucasus (which is predominately Muslim).

I'm curious...since it appears that it is acceptable for Muslims to "defend" their religion by any means necessary...does that mean that they wouldn't be upset should Christians take on the same Modus Operandi?

Incidentally, the "Islamist rebel" website mentioned above is hosted in lovely and picturesque Sweden.