Wednesday, November 19, 2008

FDA Roadshow...

I suppose that this is a good idea.

I do have an issue with the caption that accompanies the photograph of a consumer in a Beijing Wal-Mart inspecting some eggs, however.

The caption states:

A customer inspecting a carton of eggs at a Wal-Mart in Beijing. The new FDA offices, which are the first outside of the United States, hope to increase effectiveness in protecting American and Chinese consumers. (Elizabeth Dalziel/The Associated Press)
My concern is that the Food & Drug Administration, per that caption, is inspecting products to protect the Chinese consumer as well. I’m hoping that is just the patented and incessant Associated Press sloppiness at work. I couldn’t imagine thirteen FDA employees inspecting anything other than exports to the United States. However, it does point out, in the article, that the FDA representatives are certifying third party inspectors. I'm hoping that this is only for inspection of US bought goods.

So, you never know. If you know how bureaucracy works in Washington with the Federal Agencies…then you know that their relevance is defined by the size of their budget. And, you also know that their future budgets are based on how much they can spend this year. Of course, I’m sure the Chinese Communist Government doesn’t want us sticking our noses in their domestic cow pie…so it’s probably just the Associated Press being the Associated Press.