Friday, February 13, 2009

An Admission of sorts...

WASHINGTON: The new director of national intelligence told Congress that global economic turmoil and the instability it could ignite had outpaced terrorism as the most urgent threat facing the United States.

The assessment underscored concern inside America's intelligence agencies not only about the fallout from the economic crisis around the globe, but also about long-term harm to America's reputation. The crisis that began in American markets has already "increased questioning of U.S. stewardship of the global economy," the intelligence chief, Dennis Blair, said.
That's quite a statement to make.

In other words, the US "director of national intelligence" confirmed that the US Congress and the Clinton administration (which pushed the legislation and mentality that unqualified individuals should receive loans) are the most urgent threat facing the United States. They are (and have been) more dangerous than that Bin Laden fellow all along.

This would be a "told ya so" moment...

In a departure from recent years, when the heads of several intelligence agencies joined the director of national intelligence to deliver the testimony on the threats facing the nation, Blair faced the committee alone, a sign that the Obama administration plans for him to take on a more public role at the top of the intelligence pyramid.
Yeah...that would be the message if you ate lead paint chips as a child, or hit your head one too many times. The other message is that, should Chicago or London...or Paris disappear tomorrow in a big cloud of fire, the only one getting thrown under the bus is Mr. Blair, while the other intelligence agency heads are free to distance themselves from this nonsense...along with the Obama Administration.

Has anyone ever noticed that Liberal Democrats always have a contingency plan...a fallguy...a patsy...a water carrier...political cover? Judd Gregg was to be the political cover on this gluttonous balderdash called a stimulus package...You can bet that other Republicans are being considered as we speak to fill that recent void.