Monday, February 16, 2009


John Carroll, professor of mass communication at Boston University and senior media analyst for WBUR-FM, recalled how he was "flame-broiled on the Internet" for missing the satire in a blog he cited on television. Carroll chose not to fire back, but acknowledged he might have made a mistake. "What I decided to do - and I don't recommend this - was not to respond because I thought there is just no bottom to that well," he said. "You'll never win getting into spitting matches with these people. And they have a lot more time on their hands than I do."
I love the elitist mentality.

"You'll never win getting into spitting matches with these people."

THESE PEOPLE!!! THESE PEOPLE!!! (making my face of mock indignation) Incidentally, Mr. Professor of mass communication, These people are writers, bankers, homemakers, actors, law enforcement, students, teachers, lawyers, Indian Chiefs...

It's always a good time to watch the collegiate know-it-alls deeply invested in their self-importance try and show the internet in a negative light as they watch their entire industry (and therefore the course syllabus) sort of fade away into nothing of any consequence. Newspapers are tanking, network media is is tanking except for conservative talk shows...and what are we left with Professor Carroll?

That's right... THESE PEOPLE!!!

On a side was the "Progressive" (read: misguided) side of the internet that had such a brush up with Professor Carroll. I'm merely addressing the undercurrent of negativity that seems to live in the brains of the Dinosaur Media participants and educators.