Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fiscal?...Noooo....I said "Fist Full"

Only a month into the Obama administration we have reached the point at which words have lost their ordinary meaning and there is no shame in making the most brazenly hypocritical pronouncements. Let’s start from the top. “Reforming” heath care does not, I guarantee you, mean the government will spend less money. It might seem like that’s the case since the president is bringing it up in the context of fiscal responsibility.
Jennifer Rubin of Commentary Magazine's "Contentions" takes the Washington Post to the woodshed and reads between the lines on health care.

The unintentional hilarity is buried a number of paragraphs down in the Post’s report which acknowledges that ”with this year’s deficit projected to approach a record $1.5 trillion, Obama said he would reduce the budget gap to $533 billion by the end of his first term in office.” Let me think about this. Couldn’t we have shrunk it a lot more than that without Nancy Pelosi’s trillion dollar pork-a-thon? And imagine what we’d be able to accomplish with a much reduced omnibus spending package.
I would have bet against the Obama Administration being able to actually accomplish a "redistribution of wealth" in any significant magnitude. And yet...