Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dream a little Dream...

WASHINGTON, Feb 4 (Reuters) - The U.S. Treasury Department on Wednesday unveiled new guidelines that impose a $500,000 a year pay cap for executives at firms receiving federal bailout funds.
Hi's Clem. That's my turnip truck over there. Uh...that's a nice fancy new requirement you Washington boys are slapping on that bail out thing.

One question...

"Define Excecutive..."

"What's didn't define the term in your requirements?"

"Oh...I see. So, the obligation to cap executive salaries can be circumvented by renaming job positions and placing your decision makers in hands on staff positions?...Nice..."

"Oh...and one more thing...when you change the requirement to include all employee salaries...would you mind terribly giving some of that bail out dough to Hollywood...I want to see those pissy, elitist know-it-all actors and actresses whine about having a $500,000 salary cap....and then, spread some of that cash to the Yankees organization so they can't buy their team."