Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Massachusetts is growing Tentacles

Massachusetts has ordered a tire chain to charge Bay State residents a 5 percent sales tax on their purchases in New Hampshire in an unprecedented move that could have huge implications for consumers and other merchants.

Town Fair Tire Centers, which is based in Connecticut but has six shops in New Hampshire and 25 in Massachusetts, is fighting back with a lawsuit now before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that accuses the state of violating the US commerce clause. If Massachusetts prevails in the case, which is likely to be heard next month, it could drive up costs for consumers and retailers such as Best Buy and Sears that sell expensive home appliances and other goods in New Hampshire, which doesn't have a state sales tax. It also could mean millions of dollars in new tax revenue for the Commonwealth as it faces a $1.1 billion budget deficit, according to tax analysts.
This is gold, Jerry….GOLD!!!

It seems that Massachusetts got bored fleecing people in their own state and have expanded there greedy little mitts to the businesses outside of their boundaries.

Follow me here for a second. Will this allow Massachusetts (which uses a 5% sales tax rate) to require a .5% collection from Oklahoma (which has a 4.5% rate)? Will Connecticut (which has a 6% sales tax in place) be able to require a 1% contribution from Massachusetts (right next door) when the Nutmeggers cross the border to buy some batteries or something?

Or how about this? Would Massachusetts be able to require foreign countries catering to a vacationing Bay Stater to collect 5% sales tax on all goods purchased if they have no such tax in place?

Now the big question…How exactly do you enforce this little fiasco of greed from the most corrupt and “progressive” state in New England if the consumer uses cash to make the purchase? Do you have to show ID to buy a television in New Hampshire.

How about we make a deal? I’ll go along with Massachusetts’ experimentation in overreaching if we require ID from every voter nationwide in each election. How’s that sound?


Fine…stuff it Bay State Bureaucrats.