Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quick...call the post office...I need a policeman !!!

THE HAGUE: The Palestinian Authority is pressing the International Criminal Court in The Hague to investigate potential war crimes committed by Israeli commanders during the recent war in Gaza.

The Palestinian minister of justice, Ali Kashan, first raised the issue during a visit to the court's chief prosecutor late last month, and he and other officials are expected back again in The Hague this week, court officials said.
I don't think this is meant as a joke. But, I could be wrong. I mean...the "International Criminal Court in The Hague" is a joke, and always will be. I was, however, referring to the Palestine Authority actually pursuing this. After all:

The court here is the world's first permanent international criminal court, created to examine war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. It can prosecute any citizen from the 108 countries that are currently members of the court. The United Nations Security Council can bring cases irrespective of the nationality of the accused or the location of the crime.

Israel is not a member and the Palestinian territories, not being recognized as a sovereign nation, appear not to fulfill the requirements.
(if you could see me...I'd look confused) Put aside the outright bias and ineptitude of such a endeavor. Put aside the extrordinary lengths Israel went through in an effort to avoid civilian deaths (to the extent that they called to warn folks that a bomb was on the way). Put aside the fact that neither Israel or the Palestinian Authority qualifies to be heard in the Court. What you're left with is this:

In order to qualify to be heard in an International Court that self-proclaims authority over the 108 members states...you need to be SOVEREIGN !!!

(I still have that confused look on my face...and it's not going away)