Friday, February 6, 2009

From the mouths of babes...who eat lead paint chips...

Buffalo State College Journalism Professor Doctor Michael Niman said, "What we're seeing today here in Buffalo is extreme weather. It's not that extreme for Buffalo, but we're seeing all over the world extreme weather; weird weather. So, it's climate change. We don't really understand where it's going, but it's changing."

Believe it or not, the winters in New York State are now five degrees warmer than they were in 1970.
The story comes from WIVB in upstate New York. be specific. There was something called a conference on Global Warming Solutions presented by the New York Public Interest Research Group yesterday. I hope they bundled was -6 F.

My gripe is that the "expert" that this media outlet highlighted is a freakin' journalism professor. He makes these idiotic statements that contradict each other..."what we're seeing today in Buffalo is extreme weather." Except for the fact that " It's not that extreme for Buffalo."

Here...let me try that. "She really is a hot looking babe." "I really could do without her mustache, large flabby arms, and the unbelievable odor that seems to have a life of its own every time she moves."

I don't even have the heart to comment on the other inane comments relative to "extreme weather all over the world." But, he has no problem associating the non-defined or detailed weather as "climate change." Yup...climate changes...Shocking!!!

As for the winters in NY being five degrees warmer than they were in 1970...insipid nonsense...and non-factual, misleading tripe. Not bad for a journalism professor...give him a gold star.