Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm Barney Frank...and I'm here to yelp...

WASHINGTON — Rep. Barney Frank challenged the banking industry Wednesday to work harder to fix a failing system, telling eight top bankers that there is "a great deal of anger" across the country.

Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, told the bankers at a hearing Wednesday morning that it isn't practical for Congress "to junk" the current credit system and try to rebuild it.

He said Congress faces "a dilemma." Frank said lawmakers have little choice but to find help for — in many instances — the same people whose bad lending practices sent the economy spiraling into reverse.
Barney Frank is a window licking, anserine, tacit, duncical, opportunistic & dishonest imbecile...on a good day.

This pig-headed, lying simpleton dismissed reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2000. In 2003 he was instrumental in shooting down the Bush Administration's solid attempt at reform. Frank's direct quote at the time?

"I do not believe that we're facing any kind of crisis."

Essentially, the very person who claimed that there was no crisis in 2003 is now telling us that it isn't "pratical" for Congress to junk the current credit system (which led us to this point, and keeps us firmly held in place below the surface).

Read between the lines:

Do I want a handful of votes from the CEO's of banks? Or, do I want as many votes as humanly possible from the masses who received sub-prime loans that they had no business getting? And, can I continue to encourage such slip-shod practices in the future...(responsible lenders and borrowers be damned)? And, while I'm at it can I throw as many entitlements into the "Stimulus Package" as possible so that it appears that I care about the "victims" while the true victims end up turning over their wallets, their planned out aspirations, and their freedoms? Finally, can I get in front of the cameras and spout out such troglodytical nonsense and allow the dolt filled media to rehabilitate my reputation at the expense of my political enemies?

No problem...