Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There's gonna be a collision...

America's birds are on the move -- and they're heading north, according to a new report by the Audubon Society.

The 14-page study, entitled "Birds and Climate Change: Ecological Disruption in Motion," says nearly 60 percent of the 305 species found in North America are on the move, shifting their ranges northward by about an average of 35 miles.

The report says Audubon scientists analyzed 40 years of bird count data "and their findings provide new and powerful evidence that global warming is having a serious impact on natural systems."
That's all very interesting...but I have to ask. Why would the species migration take place now, since Earth's tempatures have been on decline for more than a few years?

The logical answer is that the Audubon Society is being selective in their data to promote the agenda driven tripe...

ALBANY, NY (01/27/2009; 1208)(readMedia)-- Across New York, Snowy Owl sightings are on the rise this winter. From Buffalo to Long Island, from a grassy field in Greene County to the roof of the State Capitol in Albany, New Yorkers are spotting what appears to be an increase in the number of Snowy Owls traveling south from their Arctic breeding grounds, said John Ozard, a biologist who specializes in bird species at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).
Uh..Oh...now what? The southern birds are moving North...the northern birds are moving south. There is only one logical conclusion. If you live in New York, and New England...build a garage so you don't have to wash your car every other day.