Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's official...President Obama is way out of his league...

WASHINGTON - President Obama is preparing to move ahead with the most ambitious arms-control agenda in decades, calling for dramatic cuts in US and Russian arsenals, a halt to the Bush administration's plan for a more advanced nuclear warhead, and the ratification of a global treaty banning underground nuclear tests.

Obama's agenda, posted on the White House website shortly after his inauguration and outlined by several top officials, also includes a worldwide ban on the production of nuclear weapons material - leading to what the administration calls "a world without nuclear weapons."
The naiveté is astounding! How exactly are you supposed to give the benefit of the doubt to President Obama when the "administration" thinks that there is even the most remote of chances that this planet can become a "world without nuclear weapons."

These are the thoughts of children.

This is the mantra of a four year old who hasn't had the luxury of growing up to experience reality. It is the drumming mantra of the supercilious ultra-peaceniks who have no problem treating life like it is a coloring book...happy to turn the page to the next offering in the event that the one in front of them seems a bit too difficult to stay within the lines. For them...there are no repercussions...there are no outside defining factors. There is only the exponential immaturity of "having their way"...intelligence and common sense be damned.

"Trust...but verify" has been replaced by..."raw ignorance and ingenuousness ."

First of all...Russia will not comply. Instead, they will turn such a fairyland effort into a platform that extorts money out of our coffers...all the while proceeding with a more clandestine nuclear program. China will see this as an opportunity to far exceed the power and capability of the West (namely the United States)...and will gladly exploit that advantage when they have achieved their goals. Iran, Korea, even France will take this as an opening to become more relevant and powerful.

All the while, the United States...surely the most repentant and stable country in the world...will voluntarily remove themselves from their current level of relevance AND STABILITY.

This president is voluntarily making us weaker...and indirectly, he is resolute in making the world a more dangerous place. The question you have to now start considering is "whether he is doing so out of incompentence and naiveté...or whether it is the ultimate goal to do so?"