Sunday, February 1, 2009

Icy slope of enabling by the media...

CNN was touting praise for the Obama Administration in reference to the current winter storm crisis down in Kentucky (and surrounding states) mere hours after the difficulties became apparent. They just couldn't wait to pile on the positive evaluations of response time and all around greatness...

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (CNN) — Kentucky’s governor is praising the Obama administration’s prompt reaction to the fierce wintry weather that slammed his state.

“They really hit the ground running,” said Steve Beshear, interviewed by CNN. “They’re working very hard to get all the equipment and supplies here that we need.”

Crews have been working to restore power and water service to hundreds of thousands of people. Beshear said that while he realizes “nothing moves fast enough,” he said the federal assistance “has been a great help to us so far.”

Beshear, a Democrat, explained that when the first wave of bad weather came through on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, officials realized that they needed additional help.
Except...that doesn't seem to be too accurate:

Has anyone seen FEMA lately? It seems we have people dying by the dozens in the midwest, where they’ve been freezing to death for a few days. Local officials are calling out the Federal government for its notable lack of response.( Via: Sundries Shack)
This over-zealous cheerleading by the media is now approaching the level of "dangerous." We can sit here and speculate that "President Obama" was not a good idea...and the windstorm enabling by the media during the campaign was...unfair...unprofessional...and an affront to true democracy within the Republic.

However, now we are looking at something a bit more egregious...and it just may be costing lives in the process. Face it...politicians use the media as a barometer in determination to whether they need to get off their rather bulbous posteriors and actually do something. If CNN gives a pass to the Obama Administration...and takes DEMOCRAT Governor Beshear at his word...the rest of the ingrate politicians will sit back assured that all is well.

All is NOT well...Ice-battered Kentucky pleads for help from storm