Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jawohl, mein Präsident!

WASHINGTON—It's another call for public service from President Barack Obama.

He says all Americans should help out in their communities. That could mean reading to children or repairing basketball courts.

The basketball-playing president taped a message for Sunday night's NBA All-Star Game in Phoenix. The White House released excerpts ahead of the broadcast. Obama's taped message will air at halftime.
I'll get right on that, Mr. President...

Oh...wait...I do that without being told. A multitude of the ones who have to be told are, actually, the ones who introduce various inner city neighborhoods to decay and dilapidation. Sometimes they even stop in to my neighborhood for a quick "visit." Funny thing is that they either leave at a full sprint, or on a slab. My television, on the other hand, stays right where it is.

Keep up the great work, Mr. President...and when are you going to hand out the "Community Service" uniforms?