Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Canadian Quandary...

If Obama screws up the American health care system, where the Hell are Canadians supposed to go?
Heh...Kate at Small Dead Animals always makes me laugh...and cry.

Liberal MP Belinda Stronach, who is battling breast cancer, travelled to California last June for an operation that was recommended as part of her treatment, says a report.
Seems a tad hypocritical...and ironic.

"I'm a born-bred Canadian, as well as my daughter and son, and I'm ashamed," Jill Irvine told FOX News. Irvine's daughter, Carri Ash, is one of at least 40 mothers or their babies who've been airlifted from British Columbia to the U.S. this year because Canadian hospitals didn't have room for the preemies in their neonatal units.
Seems a tad sad and...well...unconscionable. But...worry not, Kate.

There's always Mexico!!!

There is one significant risk, however. Malpractice insurance is one reason that US care is so expensive. In Mexico, there are no laws governing malpractice; if something goes wrong in your surgery, you do not have the right to sue your doctor in Mexico. So, the cost is less, but the risk is significantly more.
Come on....DOUBLE SIXES !!!!