Saturday, February 7, 2009


Some young Muslims facing trial for a militant attack on the state security services in the North Caucasus republic of Kabardino-Balkaria three years ago were in fact arrested due to their active faith, Forum 18 News Service has been told.

As frequent mosque-goers, they and relatives say they were already blacklisted as Islamic extremists by police, who used torture to extract confessions. These claims are "lies" and "rubbish", Forum 18 was told at the detention centre in Nalchik where they are currently held by that institution's assistant head. Unproven suspicions of Islamic militancy resulted in the arrest of one detainee, former Guantanamo Bay inmate Rasul Kudayev, his mother told Forum 18.

Detained for almost three years, some young Muslims accused of instigating a bloody 2005 uprising in the North Caucasus city of Nalchik were arrested due to their active faith and have undergone gruesome torture to extract confessions, Forum 18 News Service has been told.
Russia's Gitmo moment(s). The irony of Rasul Kudayev (former Gitmo tenant) being caught up in it is priceless.

Held at Kabardino-Balkaria's organised crime police department on 14 October 2005, he was beaten and given electric shocks through the back, hands and feet until on the point of losing consciousness, "but when they attached the wires to my ears, that was real torture." Police then moved to throw him from a balcony – where Tokhov says he saw one detainee lying dead having apparently already been thrown onto the ground below – but instead began shooting close to his head with a pistol.
We put panties on suspected terrorist's heads and have them sing "I'm a little teapot." The Ruskies apparently and allegedly consulted a dictionary to learn the correct definition of "torture" before proceeding. Should it be true, one would have to enjoy the rather harsh comments Putin made in reference to Club Guantanamo back then.

Yeah...yeah...consider the source (Muslim News) and it dates back to August 2008. I shant lose sleep over the matter...regardless.