Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thanks for your input...you have already lost

GENEVA: The U.S. war on terror has done "immense damage" to international law, lacks a credible legal basis and should be repudiated by the administration of President Barack Obama, a panel of eminent judges and lawyers said Monday.

The panel, organized by the International Commission of Jurists, a nongovernmental human rights group, also criticized the culture of secrecy associated with the violation of international laws, which it said afforded impunity to those acting unlawfully.
The "nongovernmental human rights group" that organized this international circle jerk is not named. In fact, in the NY Times version of this story, they aren't even mentioned.

My knee jerk response is "HOW DARE ANYONE FROM SOUTH AFRICA EVEN MENTION THE TERM HUMAN RIGHTS!!!" My second response is not so knee jerk...as one of the participants was Mary Robinson. Ms. Robinson chaired the UN Conference on Racism in Durban, South Africa a number of years ago. It turned into an anti-Semitic Jew bashing event of which she did nothing to control. That, again, brings up the question as to which "nongovernmental human rights group" organized the fiesta of fawning?

The panel recognized the threat posed by terrorism and that states have a legal duty reinforced by UN resolutions to protect their citizens. But their actions must be in accordance with the requirements of international law, Chaskalson said. "Otherwise they become lawbreakers" with serious consequences for their own societies and international order, he said.
They cut off heads of non-combatants...we make them wear women's underwear. International law seems to be biased against cross-dressing Muslims. Were I a cross dressing Muslim, I would be offended...unless I was in Iran...then I would be dead.